Where we work

We’ve seen God not only multiply the numbers of believers as students have come to Christ, but also our various small groups meeting in homes and cafes in college areas have continued to increase. Even a greater joy than that has been seeing God multiply the number of full- and part-time workers so that we’ve had work started and/or carrying on in 5 different European cities in just 13 years. At present we have Connexxion in 3 cities: Bonn and Braunschweig, Germany, and in Sevilla, Spain.

We have developed two types of small groups, to meet 2 distinct purposes that university students have. Our primary type of small group is designed with the „not- yet- Christian“ in mind, to offer a relaxing atmosphere where seeking students can discuss a text from the Bible and share their questions openly. The second type of group is a discipleship group offering different levels of Bible study and accountability for either new or maturing believers.


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