Why Europe?

Europe is one of the most lost places on the globe. Yes, you could buy a Bible easily in a bookstore. And post-modern Europe comes out of a predominately Christian culture and is based mostly on christian values, but only a minimal percentage of the population believes they need a Higher Being to resolve their life’s problems, much less Jesus Christ. So our goal ist reaching 2.3 million university students in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and 1.5 million in Spain.

It was in Germany where Martin Luther’s Reformation took place in the 16th century, so there is a lot of spiritual heritage in this country. But still there is not much left among today’s college generation. The 20th century was spiritually characterized by humanism and atheism. Germany’s tolerance and the high number of immigrants shaped the country so there is a myriad of different beliefs, however, it was seldom shaped by those believing n the one living God of the Bible.

Presently in Germany there are 2 nationals and 2 american staff working in Bonn and Braunschweig.


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