Why Europe?

Europe is one of the most lost places on the globe. Yes, you could buy a Bible easily in a bookstore. Post-modern Europe comes out of a christian culture and is based mostly on christian values, but only a minimal percentage of the population believes they need a Higher Being to resolve their life’s problems, much less Jesus Christ. So our goal is reaching 2.3 million university students in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and 1.5 million in Spain.

On paper, 98% of Spain lives in Christianity. But estimates are that only 0.3% of Spaniards have a personal relationship with Christ. A high percentage of students were brought up in catholic families, that are traditional and have their names on the list in church, but they’ve never heard the actual gospel of Jesus Christ. So we have the challenge of bringing those students the message of Christ in a culturally relevant way that doesn’t offend their background.

In Spain there are 2 american long-term interns and 2 american full-time staff working in Seville, a city with 77.000 university students.


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