Who we are

Connexxion is an international campus ministry in Germany and Spain, and expanding. Our goal is to reach the post-modern university students of Europe for Christ. This ministry was founded in 2000 by a representative of the IMB, in the college city of Jena in the former East Germany. We have a passion to penetrate the darkness with the Good News. It’s estimated that only about 3-4% of all Germans have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and in Spain, less than 1% of the population.

Connexxion is about connections! Our logo is symbolic of our mission – with a person joined to the Cross, vertically… or, depending on how you look at it, two people relating two each other. We long to connect with God and, in relationship with others, to help them to do the same.

A second goal of ours is to offer training to other European student workers through our ministry philosophy and experiences, thus catalyzing a spiritual movement across the continent.

We work reproduceably, dynamically and culturally relevant to fullfill our vision: „We want college students to ‘connect’ with Jesus Christ in faith, have fellowship with one another, and in turn be trained to reach a lost world with the Gospel.”

  1. loved the sight ! Waylon Moore

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